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Previous Entry Beware of bored nerds... Jul. 19th, 2009 @ 11:41 pm
(Meanwhile in Freenode #makerslocal)

<Gregabyte_>    you know what we need?  Wizard rap
<Gregabyte_>    i mean we have pirate rap
<Gregabyte_>    why not wizard rap
<nykodemus>     Gregabyte_: do it
<nykodemus>     do it now
<Gregabyte_>    Listen up mah bitches / As I tip back mah flagon / To how I stole all my riches / From that bitch-ass dragon
<omegix_work>   Apprentices be trippin / cast envy on my hat / cause my wand be pimpin / and my tower be phat
<Gregabyte_>    I shoot from mah wand / Bolts of flame and fire / Mess with what I'm fond / I'll light yo funeral pyre
<nykodemus>     mage rap
<nykodemus>     this has to be the nerdiest thing I've heard of in my life
<nykodemus>     I love it
<Dickie_Workie> usin dark magic / I'll lay waste to you all /  all them hatin' on my skillz / can suck dees crystal balls
<omegix_work>     in a puff of smoke i do appear / bedroom magic grin ear to ear when damsels be destressin / i grant a white blessin rock a wench so hard / she aspload cosmic shards
<Gregabyte_>    I roll through Middle Earf / Pimpin' dem Hobbit hoes / Bitch-slap a serf / and perforate all mah foes
<ware>  my pants aint saggin i kick it with bilbo baggins, with rings of invisibility and lyrics that slay dragons
<ware>  tap yo hairy feet while Gandalf spins the beat
<nykodemus>     blastin fools wit magic missile / even my cantrips are ill / but an troll wanna step up? / it gets a Power Word Kill
<nykodemus>     I got da flames dat burn / I got da smoke dat chokes / but wit invisibility / you get a dagger in yo throat
<Gregabyte_>    Bitches love mah staff / rubbin' on the gem / In their bed I laugh / And in the darkness bind 'em
<omegix_work>   witches all know me my spells are the best / i stir the cauldrens, they rub they breasts / out of their pot and into my fire / Wizard McReal is the potion of desire

Greg (aka Spellmasta G)

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